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Frozen pizza and viral marketing B2B

April 19, 2006 at 9:18 by Martina Comments

Le Journal du Net (in French) features an interesting article on a B2B viral campaign launched in France to promote the new frozen pizza brand “Freschetta”. The website has received about 1500 visits in a month. Not a good result, you might say, but Marc Chirron, marketing director at Schwan’s France will not agree: the mini-site has been promoted only with a print ad on a large-scale trade retail magazine and with an overall investment of 10.000 euros. Fraschetta has also reported a good feedback from sales representatives currently taking the orders for the pizza distribution.
Is the viral site funny? I don’t know. Probably my French is not good enough to appreciate its humorism, or maybe Italians have a different sense of humor than Frenchs :-)

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4 Responses to Frozen pizza and viral marketing B2B

  1. thomas says:

    Well… I just checked that website out. I might be French but I guess I have an italian humour
    Not the website ain’t funny at all from my poitn of view… and it is reaaaaaaally slow, I could not make it to the end

  2. SuperM. says:

    10.000 covers the print ad production cost too? Anyway, if you consider that with 10.000 spent on Google you could have received nearly 60.000 unique access (with 0,15€ ppc).. 1.500 visits a month isn’t a huge success and demonstrate that Internet is still undervalued on advertising. What do you think? :) ps: good to note, anyway, to measure print ads “clickrate”

  3. paul tergeist says:

    even if you know french, this site is boring.

  4. Before we start number crunching on an absolutely no insight basis, I think we should get back to the start. Numbers are not just numbers!
    And does a viral campaign have to be funny to reach its objective – no, not at all.
    What you are watching may be just that missing link that those buyers in the industry have been struggling to understand. This may be 3 spot on “easy to understand” sales messages that just does the job from a communication point of view. You do not know this….
    1500 visits do not sound of much. But if this is 90 % spot on the target group – which always is much more limited in a B2B campaign – then I will say that this could very well happen to be the best 10K invested ever, measured on efficiency and effectiveness.
    The 10 grand was an overall investment. Placing 10K on Google for PPC traffic kind of sends the visitor no were since there is no money left for the campaign site then :)

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