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Frozen pizza and viral marketing B2B

on April 19, 2006 by Martina Comments

Le Journal du Net (in French) features an interesting article on a B2B viral campaign launched in France to promote the new frozen pizza brand “Freschetta”. The website has received about 1500 visits in a month. Not a good result, you might say, but Marc Chirron, marketing director at Schwan’s France will not agree: the mini-site has been promoted only with a print ad on a large-scale trade retail magazine and with an overall investment of 10.000 euros. Fraschetta has also reported a good feedback from sales representatives currently taking the orders for the pizza distribution. Is the viral site funny? I don’t know. Probably my French is not good enough to appreciate its humorism, or maybe Italians have a different sense of humor than Frenchs

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