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Diesel’s disco dance lessons

October 17, 2007 at 11:37 by Martina Comments

This video has gone live a few minutes ago… It’s so funny, and the music is also cool. I guess this going to become a new viral hit. What a better way to revive Diesel shoes around the world?

Update: someone called the Creative Police… The Diesel video is actually a video/music remix of the original video you can watch below:

And now the discussion gets hot… is this a smart or rather a silly move for Diesel? You tell me, as you know, I can’t be objective on this issue.

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13 Responses to Diesel’s disco dance lessons

  1. Kayaman says:

    And this is clear proof that disco was invented in Finland.

  2. J.Hurme says:

    that spot is actually from Finnish dance lesson program from the 70′s. :D

  3. Elit Alice says:

    this videos been a hit on youtube quite a while ago, and Petter also used it to his video (it was aired on mTV as well), which is i think waaaay cooler.
    (but maybe because i love that song SO much.)
    but its nice to see a big brand like Diesel picking up a trend from the net. although, about half a year later, and well, its already been used.

  4. Kuba says:

    it was a viral hit few years ago. the music fit much more originally and as far as I remember this man was wearing adiddas superstar alike shoes. not cool, diesel.

  5. Call the Creativity-Police. This is a lame mash-up of an already existing well known movie. Diesel didn’t manage to make this movie more funny then it has been already.

  6. Ryan Adams used it for his recent Haloweenhead video

  7. LivePaola says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for the post - and the subsequent Creative Police findings, which just show how hard it is to come up with something that (a) is new and (b) actually works.

  8. Hi guys!
    seen as the is some debate… and as adverblog for some weird reason still likes us:-)
    We never take ownership over any “discovery” - we enjoy as much as the next guy picking up on things - irrelevant of when the video was originaly a hit - on youtube or elsewhere - we are using it on to show some cool moves using our shoes - on OUR website, if nothing else, its used to do product promotion! The 70′s finnish original footage is good enough as it is, we just like to play with it, and have a laugh at the same time! what has come out at the othe end, thanks to HEXCTATIC, is something that we DO take ownership of! - wether you like it or not is another matter, but hardly with the same rythim as the original footage… spot the difference - TIP listen with a decent stereo and kick -up the bass…it rocks!
    man I Just LOOOVE the internet!!!! where else does Ronnie get his kicks fromm????

  9. The zoom in and crop to keep the original shoes out of frame was a stroke of inspiration.
    But the real issue is did the Finnish disco instructor/or 70′s TV producer get paid for the usage of his video? Or did Diesel just remix it and run it. This is kinda the same story as musical Mashups back in the day. The remixing of the Original piece is the new Original piece. But if this was Dangermouse and not a multinational corp DIESEL and the original source material was owned by a large multinational corp rather than a mono-national TV network I think this would be a very different story…

  10. Lex says:

    Ever since “Two Wild and Crazy Guys”, the ridiculousness of euro-macho-disco-swinger-cool has been good for a laugh. It was funny then, it was funny in Goldmember, and it’s still funny now. But to me it screams “NO NEW IDEAS HERE!” And so I migrate that sense of borrowed interest and lack of originality to the Diesel brand.

  11. Jan says:

    The gentleman dancin’ in the video is a famous finnish dance instructor �ke Blomqvist. In the original video from the 70′s, he’s wearing Karhu sneakers, which they still make: Diesel might actually make some good viral advertising for Karhu.

  12. Maurice ain't no monkey says:

    Well, so what if Diesel have used an old video of some old guy teaching the world to dance Disco I think it’s good that Diesel have the genius to use something that’s been used before - why invent something else when the material is there in the domain for people to re-use using a simple yet effective fun way to show the world one of their many creative fashionable and inventive products.. Good for you Diesel, ignore the rest of these clowns who think you have to create some new way… after all there’s nothing new in this world just a copy of what someone else has done or is doing…

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