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The Index – Puma

September 15, 2009 at 5:56 by Mark Comments

Maybe you remember a site called “Sexy politics”, a series of quizzes where earning points served for a stripper to do her virtual dance, and this project from Puma reminded me of that, but with an interesting twist, cheering people up in these times of global recession and using that to show a clothing catalog for next fall.


So, being available online or as an iPhone app, this thing called “The Index” works as follows: the worst the economic indexes are going, the less clothes the models will wear. And the opposite.

So, as they say, if you lose your shirt, at least the models will do so. Here’s a little video on how the app works:

(thx Diego!)

5 Responses to The Index – Puma

  1. Paul jason says:

    Great idea and beautifully executed… But at over 200mb it’s a wack of a download!

  2. i tried to download it from the phone itself and i got the message “it’s bigger than 10Mb”, but i didn’t know it was SO much bigger haha

  3. Paul jason says:

    Oh it’s big alright! I just wonder if there’s a better way to call in the video rather than download it all at one time! Has anyone actually managed to download and install?

  4. actually i did! the image is a screenshot from my cellphone, but i always get the same girl and the same boy, don’t know if i have to download yet another 200Mb LOL

  5. jack says:

    the App is fun but i am waiting for the website to launch this week.
    more markets more beautiful women.

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