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The geeky power of light

August 9, 2011 at 4:42 by Martina Comments

Disclaimer: this is a geeky project. But I know that if you’re a loyal Adverblog reader, the mix between creativity and geekiness is one of the reasons why you keep coming back, so read on :)

In Japan a music band called Androp created a video clip where 250 camera strobos are used as pixels to create an animation out of light.

Party, the Tokyo based agency behind the project actually lined up 250 cameras and controlled each flash through a computer program. All the lights in the film are real, no computer graphics.

The result is pretty amazing. And on the song’s website you can also customize the video so that it features your own message as well as explore the filming of the video frame by frame.

This kind of project reminds me of the Nike Music Shoe and even of the Converse Canvas Experiment. And I love this kind of stuff playing with technology to create art or simply visual experiences that are beautiful to look at.

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