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Advertising on news sites works

on June 11, 2004 by Martina Comments

More and more people are turning to the Web to get news and information. The bigger the audience grows, the more interesting advertising spaces on news sites become. The State of News Media 2004, an annual report on American journalism was recently presented, bringing useful demographics information to advertisers eager to get in touch with their ideal target audience. An excellent article published today on iMediaConnection pictures an overview of the advertising market on news sites, providing information about recent campaigns and indications about the main websites’ audiences.

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Euro 2004: it’s like a SuperBowl

on May 10, 2004 by Martina Comments

In less than a month the European Football Championship will kick off in Portugal. Advertisers are getting ready for the event which can be compared to the Super Bowl as a brilliant article on The International Herald Tribune explains. Reaching a pan-European audience is difficult but an event such Euro 2004 is expected to attract millions of consumers’ eyes. Eight multinational brands have paid an estimated E20 million or more each to be “official partners” of Euro 2004, and dozen of other companies are running advertising campaigns or contests related to the event.

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Marketing and videogames

on March 28, 2004 by Martina Comments

The combination games + marketing is hot online with advergames, in the wireless world with wireless advergames, and offline, with videogames product placement. In the recent years product placement has invaded Hollywood, and now is ready to massively land on videogames. GameSpot published last week an article about marketing and games, talking to Ubisoft’s director of media and promotions, Jill Steinberg who said:

“Varied, layered marketing tactics-from the Internet to contests-are the goal for many consumer-brand companies. The true success of marketing tie-ins in the near future hinges on more than just featuring the product in the game.”

As in the movies, I believe the point is to build a campaign around a game and not a game concept around a product. Advertising money has a lot of power but not necessarily this power is able to help the industry growing from a quality point of view.

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Ad Spend Declines in Japan

on June 2, 2003 by Martina Comments

According to a annual survey by Japanese advertising agency Dentsu, advertising hit hard times in 2002 with adspend falling for the year. All media sectors witnessed a drop, most of all online advertising which had a year-on-year decline of 15%.

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