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A Creative Catharsis

on November 17, 2012 by Mark Comments

Ireland’s creative community got together to release a lot of pent up anger and sadness through the medium of the A3 poster, all in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more took time out to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters.  Read more…

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Dads in briefs

on June 15, 2012 by Bridget Comments

How often do you see great advertising for air an conditioning brand?  I love this campaign for BGH coming out of Argentina.  A pure creative idea born out of a great universal insight… nobody likes to see Dads in Briefs. Read more…

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Ad people vs Normal people [infographic]

on May 12, 2012 by Mark Comments

Ever wondered if we ad folk live in a bubble? This infographic explains it all. haha Read more…

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Is this the smartest brand use of Pinterest yet?

on March 23, 2012 by Mark Comments

With the huge growth that Pinterest has been experiencing in the last few months, and which we’ve talked about here previously, it was only a matter of time until brands started to use Pinterest for tactical executions. This one could potentially be the one of the simplest, yet smartest yet. Read more…

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Video of the day: A modern day Mad Man in China

on March 20, 2012 by Martina Comments

A beautiful short documentary tells the story of a modern day Mad Man. A great journey through the emerging advertising industry in China told through the eyes of an American producer asked to create a commercial for McDonalds. Directed, photographed and edited by Doug Nichol this video will fascinate you, if you work in advertising or even if you are just interested in learning stories about people and cultures. Read more…

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Advertising - what a small world

on February 27, 2012 by Tim Comments

Have you ever bumped into an old colleague (now working at a competitor agency), and said to yourself: ‘Advertising, what a small world!’. That’s what we did at Publicis Mojo and were promptly inspired to create these 20 small agency planets. Sydney’s advertising elite as tiny worlds. And a challenging game to recognise their HQs. Read more…

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The New Balance of Running

on April 3, 2008 by Martina Comments

This is the second ad about running I post in two days. I guess this means two things: either I work in the industry, or I need to start practicing to get in a good shape. Or maybe it means both? Anyway, I’d like to share with you this nice work by BBDO New York together with The Mill (post-production) and Squeak E. Clean (music).

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The Wall Street Journey

on March 14, 2007 by Martina Comments

The Wall Street Journal is online with a very nice campaign to drive subscriptions. They play with the concept “Life is a journey”, picturing the life of nice celebrities, and at the end of the path they add the tagline “Every journey needs a Journal”. The site is simple and clean as you expect a WSJ campaign to be, but it’s also very powerful and meaningful in presenting the concept. Photography, illustration and typefaces are perfectly combined to support the storytelling. The call to action maybe it’s a bit hidden, but probably this is a choice to be in line with the newspaper communication approach. In the end, even if selling is selling, this is the WSJ, not a supermarket Congrats to T3 for the great work.

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Guerrilla action finds new advertising spaces

on December 12, 2006 by Martina Comments

From Israel, a guerrilla marketing campaign for denim brand Revero. Maybe it’s not really groundbreaking, but given the product advertised, it’s obviously interesting for me to take note. Actually what’s relevant to notice is that they spotted a new advertising space available in public spaces. Done properly, I mean with a sort of artistic approach, painted (branded) benches could work both for advertisers and for public administrations which could find a new revenue stream to fix their bills.

Read more…

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The Halloween soup

on October 26, 2006 by Martina Comments

If you check my post earlier today, you will discover a campaign which takes the wrong approach to pre-cooked and/or frozen food promotion. While, if you look at the ad I post below, you see an ad addressing the same issue in a gentle yet amusing way. Congrats to McCann Portugal for the lovely creativity and thanks to Fabio for sharing it. Copy says: Making a delicious soup is no longer a nightmare.

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