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Warby Parker for mattresses? Sure, bring it on!

on February 1, 2014 by Ana Comments

In the domain of online shopping, there are some things that are thought to be off-limits. Like sunglasses. Like shoes. Like mattresses. Apparently, this perception all wrong, as Warby Parker, TOMS and now Tuft and Needle have demonstrated. The latter is the foam-mattress business that sells its much-loved products exclusively online, through their website and via Amazon, bypassing distributors and all the hustles that go with them.

What’s the next industry to be disrupted? Hair-color, perhaps?

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Forgetify me not

on February 1, 2014 by Ana Comments

Forgetify is a new site meant to right the wrongs of the winner-takes-all, hit-driven culture. The site streams songs that have never been played (like, ever, not even once) on Spotify and gives them a chance. Everyone deserves a chance, the saying goes, but apparently some of the underdogs on Spotify don’t - early reviews report unexpected encounters with Bollywood tunes, sounds of unclear origin, and bands called The Fishmongers. Still, it’s great to think that maybe your next favorite song may bubble up, and serendipity definitely keeps music lovers curious. And, apparently, the album art is unforgettable.

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Zaven @ Milan Design Week

on April 17, 2012 by Martina Comments

Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) kicks off today (April 17). The event gives me the opportunity for a bit of healthy and proud self-promotion. Check out the series of eight three-dimensional covers of Wallpaper magazine created by renowned illustrator Noma Bar. My favorite is, of course, the one dedicated to Italy, for a very special reason: my brother’s designs (Marco Zavagno, aka Zaven) are featured on it. Read more…

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Animated boards

on June 27, 2011 by Mark Comments

Just thought that this was really cool. I love board designs and here they are brought to life in an interactive installation by Natas Kaupas.

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Vitra inspirations

on August 17, 2008 by Martina Comments

A few months ago Vitra has launched a new, beautiful website to showcase its product and inspire interior designers. A very nice job by de-construct that proposes a clean and beautiful design not forgetting about the importance of usability: exactly what you expect from a furniture/design brand like Vitra.

The new site also features Collage an online magazine about architecture, design and culture.

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