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The 36 user types on Facebook

on November 14, 2012 by Tim Comments

Soap have created this entertaining overview of the typical Facebook users. Literally drawn from their own social media and community management work, Soap have identified 36 different types of users on Facebook walls: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”. Can you spot yourself among them? Read more…

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Lynx Invisible Anarchy

on May 8, 2012 by Tim Comments

Imagine a house full of anarchy - but the only way you could see it, is if you wore the right glasses! Lynx Australia promoted their new scent Anarchy (for men and women) with a world-first ‘invisible video’ stunt. A house in Sydney’s busy party district Darlinghurst was decked out with large LCD screens instead of windows. Wearing the right kind of (polarised) glasses was the only way to discover the sexy and anarchic things going on within the house. Read more…

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Cornetto Enigma reveals your soft side

on April 16, 2012 by Tim Comments

If you’re a typical bloke and have problems revealing your soft side, maybe you need a cuddly dancing bear to help you open up? That what Cornetto Enigma did in Australia with the help of some nifty Shazam action on TV and Kinect hacks in the real world. Read more…

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