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Space Boy, a mobile tamagotchi for your brand

on July 27, 2005 by Martina Comments

If you’re considering to extend your brand on mobile phones, and teenagers are your target, think about “Space Boy”. “Space Boy” is an interactive mobile mate, introduced by Vodafone and Player X, that responds to practically everything a user does with his phone. From dancing excitedly when the phone rings, or receiving a letter when an SMS or MMS arrives, through to fixing an aerial when the network signal is weak or becoming tired when the battery is low, a Mobie is the user’s mobile phone. Space Boy is a “Mobie”, a sort of mobile tamagotchi, and is the first of a series of characters debuting on the UK market. As Tony Pearce, CEO at Player X points out, the Mobies have characteristics that make them particularly appealing, considering the current trends in mobile phone personalisation:

“We believe Mobies are going to be enormously popular with mobile phone owners as they bridge the gap between the interactivity and fun of mobile games and the personalisation of ring tones and wallpaper.”

I like the Space Boy idea. It is not as easy (and cheap) as ringtones to develop, but if it gets people’s attention, I see an attractive future for marketers creating their own branded Mobies… …. a Mobie who starts eating a cheeseburger when lunch time is approaching and maybe connects to a LBS (location based service) to find the closest Mc Donald’s… am I dreaming? I don’t think so…

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Manchester United to launch mobile campaign

on July 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

Another football team is using mobile phones to connect with its supporters: Netimperative reports Manchester United has launched a mobile campaign to sell its mobile content on the Internet or through their WAP portal ( Manchester United is very strong in marketing its brand around the world and recently signed a deal with Vodafone to create MUmobile in order to target its estimated 75 million fans.

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24: the Conspiracy is on your mobile

on November 11, 2004 by Martina Comments

24: Conspiracy will be available to Vodafone users thanks to an agreement signed with Twentieth Century Fox. As AdWeek reports, the series is designed to be seen on 3G mobile phones and will consist in 24, one-minute weekly vignettes to the Vodafone mobile phone community in 23 countries.

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Online campaign for Vodafone Spain

on July 24, 2004 by Martina Comments

The agency Wysiwyg has developed an online campaign to promote Vodafone Wireless Office in Spain. The promotion features different ads’ format, personalized emails and a micro-site presenting all the information about Vodafone’s offer. Read more on (in Spanish).

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Mobile spam might be expensive

on June 9, 2004 by Martina Comments

Spam is something you have to take seriously, especially if you’re a player in the wireless industry in which the problem is (fortunately) in its infancy. Silicon reports that Vodafone, in order to prevent MMS based spam, is considering charging business customers for sending multimedia messages. Rob Borthwick, Vodafone’s public policy executive declared:

“If you want to send a million messages to our users, you’d better have a million times 10 cents”.

Ehm… not exactly a good news for the mobile marketing industry.

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Vodafone “Red Sim” campaign

on September 10, 2003 by Martina Comments

Vodafone Australia has launched a new marketing and advertising campaign to focus attention away from mobile phone handsets to the actual Vodafone sim card. B&T reports today about the new “Red Sim” campaign, designed to help the consumer better understand the Vodafone brand offering.

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