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Turn the wheel and get your poster

May 8, 2006 at 10:02 by Martina Comments

From Argentina, I received this ad showing an unusual billboard (or “chupetes”, as they would say). You push a button and you get your Nike’s poster. This video better shows how everything works.
The placement is an idea of 361° while the creativity is, of course, of Nike’s agency Wieden + Kennedy. The only weird thing is that, apparently, in Argentina they are giving away Ronaldo’s posters (who is Brazilian…).

4 Responses to Turn the wheel and get your poster

  1. Chris Andrade says:

    They can’t give away pictures of the Argentinian team as Adidas make their kit. Although Brazil are Argentina’s biggest rivals so it is slightly odd.

  2. Casper Moller says:

    No, but it is a bit like trying to give away pictures of Oliver Kahn or Michael Ballack in Trafalgar Square. I don’t think there would be many takers…
    I might have worked better if they had given away pictures of Dutch players, whom the Argentinians have played some monumental games against, but where there is a higher degree of “understanding” between the nations with the Dutch Crown Princess being from Argentina.

  3. george_queiroz says:

    I’m brazilian.
    Argentina and Brazil are BIG rivals. In economy, in politics, in culture and, of course, in sports.
    We’ve never been into a war, but, yes, hate each other.
    And considering the fact that playing soccer is the the best thing we both do, and the thing we love most, this is where our mutual hate becomes really really BIG.
    Probably the Argentinian hate for the Brazilian is now bigger than ever, because Brazil recently won 2 of the last 3 World Cups, and Argentina, even with excellent players, dramatically floppped in all these tournaments.
    Got it?

  4. pablo says:

    Argentina and Brazil had been into a war in the first half of 19th century

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