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Diesel is recruiting…

September 25, 2006 at 9:58 by Martina Comments

… Angels, archangels and a guardian angels. Too many angels have fallen from Heaven following our recent advertising campaign. We need new people to fill several open positions. If you feel you are “good” enough, click here to take the test and apply.

BTW, we are also looking for a Senior Interactive Designer… click here to read the job description and apply.

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4 Responses to Diesel is recruiting…

  1. melis says:

    really impressive website, genuine user interaction prompted. all good until it crashed my computer after i completed the test. reluctant to visit site again as there is too much going on, fear of same negative experience.

  2. Omar Ali says:

    cool. who did it?

  3. Tero Ylitalo says:

    Cool site BUT too heavy. Will cause crashing and boredom.

  4. Stephen Jones says:

    love it. apparently i am worthy for a place as a guardian angel!

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