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How Target took over Fashion Week with a 25ft puppet

June 8, 2012 at 11:13 by Bridget Comments

I love this creative way in to promote the Missoni for Target collaboration.  As I started to watch the casestudy  I thought “Oh no, here we go, the creation of another fake mysterious online personality…” — but instead Mother New York delights us with a 25ft blogging, tweeting puppet who made a larger than life impression in New York during fashion week.  Watch the video and meet Little Marina and learn about her adventures in New York.

I love the combination of low tech & high tech -  puppeteers gave her a very believable presence as she tweets and blogs on her giant iPhone.

Little Marina picked up Gold at the One Show and I think should also do very well at Cannes this year.

StudioADI shows the attention to detail that went into making Little Marina so human.




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