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on November 4, 2013 by Ana Comments

I Can Haz UberKITTENS is a pretty amazing idea on so many levels. To celebrate National Cat Day (and to drive awareness and downloads of its app, cough cough), Uber partnered with Cheezburger site to deliver kittens to your doorstep. For 15 minutes, the kittens are yours to cuddle and play with. Then off the Uber driver goes to the next destination.

A pretty neat idea that benefits both the Uber, as it promotes its service, and for Cheezburger network, an online content platform that entered the Internet Hall of Fame for its cat memes of unlimited variety.

The promo was priced at $20 and the money was donated to NYC, SF and Seattle’s animal shelters. The kittens were also available for adoption, if you were feeling inspired.

Smart & business savvy PR stunt.

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be smarter or, at least, more interesting in your online advertising

on November 3, 2013 by Ana Comments

An ad made an unexpected turn on the Wired site. It announced Wired partnering with Absolut to sponsor #TransformToday, a contest where Wired readers are invited to submit their dream text project for a chance to work on it with the “WIRED Insider.” Nothing new, surely, but what is Absolut doing there? (buying advertising, per usual). Still, brands can take cue: there are a lot of worthwhile causes and a lot of ways to make people’s lives better, and if a brand’s spending money on advertising, might as well chip in on a meaningful initiative.

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The role of creatives in Sharing Economy

on October 28, 2013 by Ana Comments

The role of advertising creatives may change quite a lot, and quite soon. With sharing economy churning out success stories like AirBnB, Uber, Rent My Ride or Asos Marketplace, the creative challenge is going to revolve less around the needs and habits of individual consumer and more around creating something for groups that create new value out of existing resources. The new creative tasks can be coming up with an infrastucture, motivation, and reward for sharing, collaborating or contributing. The interesting part? Designing for the social dynamics revolving around abundant supply, unmet demand and the possible links between the two.

Source: The Sharing Economy: Where Creatives Should Be

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This store shelf is stalking you.

on October 28, 2013 by Ana Comments

The rumor has it that shelves can now track age and gender of passing customers. That is, in the global supermarket Mondelez they can, thanks to Microsoft Kinect. Sensors placed on the shelves stacked with groceries will track who’s looking at the goods, how old they are, and what’s their gender. The data is intended for marketing purposes, like tailoring specific messages to the target demographic or offering real-time utility as Hellmann’s mayo did in Brazil. Hellman’s used data to assemble recipes on the fly for the customers who put Hellmann’s mayo in their cart. The utility of data doesn’t have to stop there, though: it can potentially be a really good source of research on human decision-making and the influence of the context on the way we choose, making marketing both more efficient for the brands and more useful to consumers.

Further reading: Future of Retail by FactCo Labs

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Your next grocery shopping destination: subway car

on October 20, 2013 by Ana Comments

If you live in South Korea, than you’ve already used to finishing your grocery shopping at the subway platform. Now, take your shopping up a notch, or better yet, further down your commuter route: grocery shops are being set up in subway cars. Best part? A complete fresh meat refrigerator squeezed in for the evening rush hour.

Source: Rocket News 24

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on October 14, 2013 by Ana Comments

Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo is a lovely place. The problem is, not a lot of people know this. Distracted by their everyday lives, they all but forgotten about the aquarium.

This is where the Japanese ad & PR agency called Hakuhodo comes in. Hakuhodo’s creative team took human distractibility as the starting point in coming up with their solution. The aquarium is only 1km (0.62miles) from the closes public transit station. Read more…

Forever Bycicles

on October 14, 2013 by Ana Comments

I love Ai WeiWei. This time around, he brought his installation, called Forever Bicycles, to the streets of downtown Toronto. Lit with pink and blue lights, the labyrinth-like installation is made up of bicycles stacked upon each other. Weiwei used 3,144 steel bikes to create the effect of blurred motion.

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Welcome to Tokyo

on October 14, 2013 by Ana Comments

Enjoy this slow-mo dance by the notorious Japanese group World Order. To celebrate 2020 Tokyo Olympics, they employed their signature dancing style, singing about love, peace and hope and everything else Olympics is built on. Best part of the video, aside of dancing, is the unique tour of Tokyo landmarks.

Source: The Awesomer

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Barklays Wants You Bike Ready to Roam

on October 7, 2013 by Ana Comments

It looks like tomorrow’s going to be the last day of Barklays Bike Clinics, pop-up bike repair stores strategically placed around busy roads of London. Sponsored by Barklay’s bank, these temporary repair shops offer free check-ups, tune-ups and safety info to bikers. Apparently, after running a survey and crunching some numbers, Barklays discovered that 57% of Londoners are riding bikes unfit to be on the road and that 18% cycle in dark without bike lights (um, guilty as charged). Behind the entire Bike Clinics initiative is the idea to get more people to cycle, and to do so safely. Where you at, Citibank?

Source: Barklays and Bikeworks Team Up


Complex Magazine goes Sky High with Danny Brown, displays one of the best uses of parallax so far

on October 6, 2013 by Ana Comments

For its recent interview with Danny Brown, Complex magazine broke out of the article mold and crated something truly fun. In its Sky High feature, Complex invites us to scroll down the memory lane of Danny’s life, from his childhood, fall and consequent rise, his love for Adderall, and finally to his famous on-stage fellatio. (As for that, Danny says “People get their d%^&s sucked every day, B. It shouldn’t be a big deal.”).

Source: Complex

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