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Rated Rookies clicks!

on April 19, 2009 by Martina Comments

Selling t-shirts online is getting harder and harder because of the growing competition. T-shirt artworks matter (of course!) but you need a further push to succeed. Being able to generate word of mouth is the first element that comes into my mind. But the key is to have a good website where the click&buy button is right there where it can trigger consumers’ compulsory shopping instinct.

Check out the Rated Rookies website. It’s a t-shirt collection showcase, nothing more but the point is that everything is simple and nicely done.

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Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ

on September 27, 2006 by Martina Comments

I’m quite sure this is not brand new, but I’d like to post about it anyway… Did you see the Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ? Inspired by the Mongolian BBQ cooking tradition, the site allows users to create (and buy) their own, personalized shoes, as Nike is already doing since a couple of years. At first sight I said “wow, great concept!” as I liked the idea of building a story around the personalization of a shoe. But then, after I realized I have to go through a long path (you have to select 20 components before being able to proceeed to the next step and buy the shoe) I changed my opinion on the site.

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New online look for The Body Shop

on October 5, 2004 by Martina Comments

The Body Shop has relaunched its e-commerce web site, improving its offering and its marketing effort in order to target the US market. As explains online promotion will play a key role in supporting the site, with search engine advertising, affiliate marketing and online ads. The site, which has been redesigned by AKQA, targets women aged 25-44. Consumers are able to consult an ingredient glossary that allows them to understand product benefits and find products by ingredient. Tom Bedecarre, AKQA’s Chief Executive Officer commented: “AKQA is proud to work with a values-based company like The Body Shop. We aim to boost The Body Shop’s continued success in ways that respect its customer’s ethical values and build customer loyalty.”

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DealTime Launches ROI Tool

on July 17, 2003 by Martina Comments

Shopping search engine DealTime has released a ROI Tracker, a free tool for advertisers to track their conversion and sales metrics. The ROI Tracker gives three metrics: conversion-to-click ratios, conversion-to-sales ratios, and costs of sales (Internet News talks about it today). We can really say that search engine technology providers are really working hard to make people talk about them. There’s still a big business out there to be exploited. Search technology is particulary important to e-commerce web sites, and I believe it’s interesting to notice how search function efficiency is often underestimated by them or, at least, not considered as important as it should be. Adage talked also about the huge search engine business a couple of days ago. The focus in this case was on search engines and advertising, saying that Sponsored Internet search engine ads spurred more than $200 million in online travel sales and more than 2 million financial services application submission according to new research by the IAB.

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