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Yahoo kicks off the battle for bloggers

on August 4, 2005 by Martina Comments

The alternative to Google AdSense, the advertising program for (big) and small publishers is just around the corner: Yahoo! has started testing its own solution inviting 2,000 bloggers to join the program. The New York Times reports Yahoo says its new small-site service will let a Web site specify what categories of advertising it does or does not want on a given page.

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DealTime Launches ROI Tool

on July 17, 2003 by Martina Comments

Shopping search engine DealTime has released a ROI Tracker, a free tool for advertisers to track their conversion and sales metrics. The ROI Tracker gives three metrics: conversion-to-click ratios, conversion-to-sales ratios, and costs of sales (Internet News talks about it today). We can really say that search engine technology providers are really working hard to make people talk about them. There’s still a big business out there to be exploited. Search technology is particulary important to e-commerce web sites, and I believe it’s interesting to notice how search function efficiency is often underestimated by them or, at least, not considered as important as it should be. Adage talked also about the huge search engine business a couple of days ago. The focus in this case was on search engines and advertising, saying that Sponsored Internet search engine ads spurred more than $200 million in online travel sales and more than 2 million financial services application submission according to new research by the IAB.

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ValueClick buys Search123

on June 3, 2003 by adverblog Comments

Ad technology player ValueClick has acquired today, a paid search company for $5 million in cash. The news is reported today on Internet News in an article by Brian Morrissey who also provides a brief picture of the evolving search engine market quoting Yankee Group’s analysts.

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PPC as a direct response tool

on May 21, 2003 by adverblog Comments

On NetImperative an interesting briefing on last week’s round table with twelve internet specialists who met to discuss the role and value of pay-per-click advertising as a direct marketing tool.

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