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The geeky power of light

on August 9, 2011 by Martina Comments

Disclaimer: this is a geeky project. But I know that if you’re a loyal Adverblog reader, the mix between creativity and geekiness is one of the reasons why you keep coming back, so read on

In Japan a music band called Androp created a video clip where 250 camera strobos are used as pixels to create an animation out of light. Read more…

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Blink 182 rewards fans for copyright violation

on August 3, 2011 by Martina Comments

To launch their new single after 8 years, Blink 182 decided to reward the fans who “stole” their music to create videos then uploaded on Youtube. Applying a sort of law of retaliation (an eye for an eye), they searched Youtube for all the fans’ videos that were using their music without permission, and they created the video clip for their new single made out of clips from all those videos. Read more…

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