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10 Things People Love and Hate About Pinterest

on August 15, 2012 by Mark Comments

You either love, or you hate Pinterest, the visual social sharing site. Let’s not forget that this is the site that in its first month was the #1 source for referring web traffic (being Google+, Reddit and Linkedin combined). Is it going to be here today, gone tomorrow or will it become the next major force in social sharing? Read more…

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The QR dilemma

on November 4, 2008 by Martina Comments

I’ve been fascinated by QR codes since the very beginning, a couple of years ago. And I’ve always asked myself the same questions: how many people have the QR reader software installed on his/her mobile phone? How many people really understand there is something they can do and access to through that barcode? Is it really worth and cost effective to launch an action with QR codes (outside of Japan, of course…)?

The disappointing thing is that I’m still looking for relevant answers to the questions above. I keep reading about QR actions but it’s impossible to get any number on the spread of QR enabled phones nor on the results of QR campaigns. To give you an idea of the lack of information in the industry and among consumers, I think it’s interesting to read an article Ralph Lauren has published on its online magazine. A fashion brand that explains its consumers a technology… let me say that this is a bit curious, unless you have realized nobody has interacted with your QR code…

Read more…

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Mobile gaming for masses

on September 8, 2004 by Martina Comments

Another report, this time by Instat/MDR confirms gaming is going to be key contributor to wireless data usage and revenues. A couple of days ago the same indication was provided by Strategy Analytics. According to Instat by 2009, mobile gaming services in the US will generate $1.8 billion annually, or approximately 4.4% of total wireless data revenues. The report “Mobile Gaming Services in the US, 2004-2009” also found out that, unlike with other emerging mobile multimedia services, such as video and music, consumers interested in mobile gaming do not necessarily match the classic early adopter profile.

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A look at Spanish wireless market

on February 28, 2004 by Martina Comments

This week the online press has published a bunch of interesting stats, so let’s take a look at Spanish wireless consumers market. Vnunet reports the results of a research by CIS: seventy percent of Spanish have a mobile phone, and a further eight percent plan to buy one in the next six months. The main reason (for 66.6 percent of the people) to own a cell phone is to get in touch with relatives and friends, while only twenty percent of the people said they have one mainly to keep business contacts. Iblnews reports about the preferred services of Vodafone Live! users: during last december, Spanish people opted to receive SMS alerts mostly about football and horoscopes. For what concerns mobile games, “Osiris” of the Tomb Raider series has been the most downloaded, followed by Bomberman� and �XIII”. The most requested ringtones have been “La madre de Jos� and �No es lo mismo�. presents stats about SMS traffic in Spain last year. According to the data provided by the three carriers (Amena, Telef�nica M�viles and Vodafone) more than 18 millions SMS have been sent through the networks in 2003, with Telef�nica leading the market with a 50 percent share of the traffic. But the most interesting data is the one about Premium messages which generated a business worth 400 millions euros.

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Online gamers stats

on February 18, 2004 by Martina Comments

Relevant stats today on eMarketer for any marketer interested in advergames. The question is “why people play online”? The main answer, according to a research by AOL and Digital Marketing Services, is “because online games are fun”. However there’s also a lot of people who play because are stressed or bored. The research also tries to tell us which are the activities online gamers are spending less time on as a result of online game playing. Eventually eMarketer quotes a survey by Harris Interactive investigating the percentage of Internet users playing online. Apparently is still rather low, but growing. Harris finds that while 49% of Net users say they never download or play games online, 18% are involved with online games �very often� or �often� � and that�s up from 13% in 2002.

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