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Video of the day: Surfing in New Zealand

on May 12, 2012 by Mark Comments

Eugene Tan is a blogger and surfer based out of Sydney. His daily updates about Bondi have become a daily dose of surf culture for around 50k on facebook. He recently took a trip across the pond to New Zealand (sponsored by Land Rover) and made this mini documentary.

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Young Europeans favourite sport? Surfing!

on November 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

A good news for online marketers, a bad news for healthy living: according to a new report by Forrester Research, about a third of all Europeans see surfing the Internet as one of their favorite leisure-time activities (it’s more popular than playing sports, going to the gym, or shopping). Surfing the Internet is the third most popular hobby among online Europeans. Online consumers who see Internet surfing as a hobby are more focused on entertainment. They are also far more likely to use the Internet to replace their old-fashioned media sources: radio, TV, or the phone.

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