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Taxi Stockholm launches interactive tourist guide

on July 31, 2014 by Mark Comments

In cooperation with Swedish ad agency King, Stockholm’s biggest taxi company, Taxi Stockholm, has just released a new type of tourist guide based on GPS data from millions of taxi journeys around Stockholm – Taxi Trails. Read more…

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Seat Surprise Taxi Fare

on April 9, 2013 by Martina Comments

I’m a big fan of experience marketing, and I especially like it when agencies add a touch of wit and sense of humor to it. This case study we received from Germany does a pretty good job in exposing people to a Seat technology without even getting close to a boring explanation of the technical details nor the a painful sales pitch focused on reduced consumption. Read more…

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The LivingSocial Taxi

on August 3, 2011 by Martina Comments

Taxis are becoming a great media for unexpected cool advertising. Look at what happened in London, where an everyday taxi was converted it into a surprise LivingSocial experience. Read more…

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A touch of femdom for MINI

on January 29, 2006 by Martina Comments

In Canada, Taxi has created the MINI “Dominate Winter” interactive section on the car’s main website. Following the concept of “domination”, a woman dressed in black leather welcomes users with the message “Click as hard as you like”. All the MINI’s characteristics for a perfect performance during winter time are explained in a sexy and ironic way, with an excellent copy and a series of effective animations. The site definitely delivers a positive experience, making sure that, MINI, once again, is perceived as a “cool” brand.

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