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4 Opel cars, 4 Bloggers, and lots of credibility discussions

on May 24, 2006 by admin Comments

In Germany the car manufacturer Opel has started a blog project to promote the new Opel Astra. Four bloggers are equipped with the new car for four weeks in order to test and review. All the blog posts a sydicated on the Astra blog Further there is a sweepstake where the users have to send in pictures of the Opel bloggers. The fact that the bloggers are sponsored with the car and the allowances are paid had kicked off discussions in the blogosphere about credidibility and the sell-out of the bloggs.

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Bizznizz, make money at 12 years old

on May 23, 2006 by admin Comments

Bizznizz is a new online tool presented in The Netherlands by the Postbank and developed by BrandBase. Through the Bizznizz website and a special briefcase, kids between the age of 11 and 14 years old are able to start their own ‘bizznizz’. They can create their own business cards, business paper, t-shirts and other advertising materials in order to fulfill jobs like a real professional. So to all parents: You finally have someone to wash the car and do the dishes!!

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Everyday Fabulous with ikea

on May 23, 2006 by admin Comments

Ikea New York hosts a fabolous exhibition named “Everyday Fabulous Exhibit” They invite people to come and see how good design can transform the most ordinary day into something spectacular. More interestingly, their design team transformed NYC locations with Ikea. Great guerilla and great experience for people.

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Mystery Solved

on May 6, 2006 by admin Comments

So here we go. The constant consideration about how and when to utilize what part of the digital communication channels and how to glide that into the overall marketing to end up by giving the user one harmonic and elegant experience with whatever messages you are seeking to get across is closing in with this solution, I think. I just had a go at The Da Vinci Code today powered by Google… I must say that they have done a great job integrating the Google offerings in the quest. Check it out for yourself – I am actually quite impressed with the way it flows. First of all you need a Google account – excellent conversion trigger. Then they take you through the quest and facilitate you with different Google products along the ride to ease-up the mystery solving for you. You will probably meet products in a relevant context from Google that you did not even know they had – until having challenged yourself in the quest. Elegant example on how to integrate a series of products in a user relevant context to stress where and when these products become helpful… And a great way of utilizing the digital communication channel as an integrated part of the movie launch. Go Code Crunching:

Pjotro -The man with the musical suit

on May 5, 2006 by admin Comments

A really interesting viral campaign from Nokia: Play with Pjotro and create your own tune. Very brave campaign in the subtlety of the branding.

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Hype or not: Nokia N91?

on May 2, 2006 by admin Comments

Soon, very soon Nokia releases a new phone in the N-series. The N91. Looking at it’s features I can only say I am amazed. And, not taking the price into account, it looks like it’s going to beat the iPod as a gadget. The new Nokia N91 has it all, built in one!! Some of it’s features: - 4Gb hard disc, the same as the iPod Nano, for up to 3000 songs in stereo - Plays MP3, wmv, wav, aac - Download using USB, WiFi - Battery lasts for 12h before recharging - FM-radio - 2 megapixel camera - a whole bunch of smartphone applications and functions Target price: 649€. But talking about buzz. In Belgium, the Antwerp based agency These Days has started creating word around the new phone. 4 People in Belgium got a for testing and writing about it on their blog. This seemed to be a perfect solution. Instead of spending a huge budget on marketing, the bloggers are doing all the promotion in exchange for a N91. One person got the for auctioning on eBay. Also a success as people started bidding from all over the world. The Nokia got sold for 812 Euros.

5 Things to Learn from Traditional Agencies (Creative Social)

on April 18, 2006 by admin Comments

What are the five things that Digital Creative Directors think they should learn off traditional agencies? Well when Creative Social ( last met in Barcelona they said: - Charge properly for our work including Online work that goes offline and paid for pitches - Properly introducing strategic planning to everything we do, by understanding the clients brands better - Relationship management – Harnessing client relationships that will last decades not just years - How to present our work in its greatest light - Recruitment including Selling our industry to the next generation of talent, Investing in our people with training and PR-ing the great work our industry can do. The next event is in New York later this week so if you want a topic discussed, please e-mail

Yutaka Loves London

on April 17, 2006 by admin Comments

A great campaign by Virgin Atlantic which uses the fictional character of Yutaka, a Japanese programmer, to showcase London through an amusing and slick site ( My favourite part is the ability to raise London bridge in real time and broadcast a message to London through one of the screens in Piccadilly Circus (

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Mammut Mount Everest Viral

on March 10, 2006 by admin Comments

Mary Woodbridge lives in Greenfield, UK, together with her dog Daisy. Mary is about to climb Mount Everest. On her site, Mary has a few video clips of the preparations she’s been doing. There’s a ‘Tips for Mary’ corner and ‘Plan and Training’ section. The website looks like a very basic one in html, the way websites were made long ago in forgotten decades of the previous century. You just got to see this, it’s a great experience, created by Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett from Zurich, Switzerland.

Story: An 85-year old British Lady by the name of Mary Wooldbridge, who takes her dachshund for a daily walk, buys a Mammut-Jacket to proctect herself from the wind and weather. This Jacket is obviously so good that the elderly lady believes that she can climb Mount Everest wearing it.

Check out this funny viral | via iPub & Coolz0r

Be kind to smokers, they already have a short life.

on March 5, 2006 by admin Comments

In Belgium Snow (a division of LG&F) launches a national campaign (TV, print, online) against smoking. The campaign is very funny and uses a different approach, depending on the medium. Also banners with different messages are created for online media (depending on the topic of the site they are placed on). It’s a powerfull campaign that focusses on smokers but also on the non-smokers which can become buddies to help people stop smoking. On the campaign website you can send in tips and tricks for the people in need (smokers). I am sure this is a campaign that will stick in peoples minds.

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