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Start Thinking Soldier

on June 3, 2009 by admin Comments

More ambitious work for the British Army by Skive. Start Thinking Soldier is an interactive video piece that places you in the role of a commanding officer making decisions in the line of combat. The idea isn’t new and the budget must have been sizable but the production values are excellent and the target audience will enjoy the combination of puzzle and arcade action.

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Cold War Kids, an interactive music video

on May 30, 2009 by admin Comments

Worth the fairly hefty load, this feels like a fresh way to get people interacting and engaging with your music. Turn the Cold War Kids off and on as they play their new single I’ve Seen Enough. So often the music industry pioneers a new technique and the rest of the marketing world play catch up – expect to see this used to sell processed cheese shortly.

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Jacqmotte ‘s new Finest Selection

on December 12, 2006 by admin Comments

Jacqmotte, an excellent Belgian coffee brand, is about to launch a new gamut called Finest Selection. To give buzz Jacqmotte contacted (so it seems) Robert Hales for a video shoot. The whole concept of this promo is based on the Rorsachtest, the psychological ink spot test.

It is a scoop since this concept has never been used in a promo video.

Watching the video gives you the feeling of being kept hostage in an exotic destination and it is a good reason for leaving your computer untouched.

Please have a look at (only available in French and Dutch) on which you can download a screensaver version.

Fiat, it’s cinema, but it’s interactive

on November 20, 2006 by admin Comments

Fiat have gone interactive in the cinema. Developed by Brazil’s Agencia Click the six-minute-long interactive movie is in the “choose you own adventure” style and generates 16 different endings depending on the choices of the audience. During the adverts the audience are given 4 different questions to answer and which they need to text to a given number. The final version of the movie is compiled from the clips that gather the most votes (which is all handled digitally). The campaign site (in Portuguese) is here.

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Bad hair day with Opel Tigra

on November 1, 2006 by admin Comments

Car manufacturer Opel in Germany has launched a pre-campaign for the new Tigra TwinTop on (basically that means ‘totally messed by blow-dryer’). Main objective is to test if your hairstyle stands the new Opel Tigra TwinTop. Clou is the combination of the online and mobile channel: on entering the site, users can subscribe with their mobile phone number. The supervisor of the hairstyle experiment Professor Windaloopie is than calling the users on cell phone inviting them for a test drive weekend.

Mini Cooper website rally

on August 30, 2006 by admin Comments

Mini UK has launched an online campaign to celebrate the Mini Cooper, called ‘Follow the white rabbit’. Rather than following the standard banner – clicktrough – landing page scheme, the banners take you on a randomised tour of independent sites, such as Roundabouts of Britain, Ugly Footballers, or Street Mattress. The teasing banners are placed on lifestyle sites, such as Urban Junkies in the first place. I wonder if all of these inofficial sites were made up for the campaign, at least it seems that the Agency Profero, responsible for the work has placed a page on these sites.

Hand Painted Ad for Brahma

on August 7, 2006 by admin Comments

Following up from the use of Street Art late last year with the commissioning of Speto, Brahma have created this hand painted Outdoor poster to advertise the Troco Brahma festivals in the UK. An extremely impactful execution which is only ruined by fact that still up despite the festival being over.

5 Things not to Learn from Traditional Agencies (Creative Social)

on August 3, 2006 by admin Comments

A while back I told you what Creative Social ( thought digital agencies should be learning off their traditional counterparts. Well here are the 5 things we don’t want to learn from the traditional agencies: Must always be open to change or we will become the next generations of dinosaurs Making sure the best people work on the best work e.g. Creative Directors directing not doing admin Not putting our best people on the next new client toy Don’t let media and creative separate they are both integral to a great advertising campaign and so need to work together not in isolation Don’t create inner divisions e.g. The suits v The creative. Let creative people talk and explain their work and at the same time let creative people appreciate the role that the account planner do More thoughts from Creative Social to follow shortly.

Award for sale

on June 28, 2006 by admin Comments

The Brussels based agency Mortierbrigade and recent award winner at the Cannes Advertising Festival, has placed the Bronze Lion it won for sale on eBay. They won the award for a guerrilla campaign called “Moved to” (made for the auction site). The reason they want to sell the award is because they want to share this with the eBay community. A little bizar if you ask me but if you are eager to have an award and if you are up on paying 1020 Euros, go ahead and bid. Because that’s the price it’s at at this very moment. The auction still lasts until 29-jun-06 17:42:07 CET. About the campaign: Mortierbrigade had created stickers that they placed on shop windows. The text on the stickers was “Moved to”. (source: Corneel is online)

Getting back money can be fun.

on May 29, 2006 by admin Comments

Open and caviar have created a viral campaign for the the Belgian financial newspaper De Tijd in order to promote their annual tax guide. Buy the newspaper next Saturday (03/06/2006) and enter the contest to win your taxes as first prize. IMHO it could have been done a little bit more funny or it could have been done in another way but it is still nice to see a common frustration in this viral clip. As are taxes.

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