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Mobile marketing for the Herbie Parade

on July 15, 2005 by Martina Comments

On July 30th Berlin will host the probably longest “Herbie Parade” in the world. On the occasion of this very special event, MindMatics has created an SMS campaign with a prize draw for Volkswagen, which invites Beetle and New Beetle drivers to come to Berlin and do their bit for the Guinness World Record attempt. The mobile marketing mechanism isn’t obvious, and requires some active behavior in the recipients who can text back to be sure they’ll have a place at the parade and also to enter a draw and win one of ten weekends with a Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet. Of course, the main idea behind this campaign is not to set a Guiness World Record with hundreds of Beetles “marching” in Berlin, but to promote the movie remake which will debut in Germany on the same day.

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Volkswagen promotes King Kong

on June 28, 2005 by Martina Comments

If you remember, Batman used to drive a Citroen so now it’s not strange to find out King Kong drives a Volkswagen. Confirming a consolidated co-marketing trend connecting Hollywood and the automotive industry, Volkswagen has launched an “entertainment” section on its website to present the upcoming movie directed by Peter Jackson. If you’re a movie fan, it’s worth visiting, because the content actually brings you behind the scenes.

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Volkswagen celebrates Mother’s Day

on June 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

Gramma FCB for Volkswagen (Bolivia).

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Volkswagen launches the FoxGame

on June 7, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Switzerland Volkswagen is online with an advergame to promote the new Fox. The Foxgame challenges drivers to avoid a series of green mosquitos appearing in the middle of the street. The car can be personalized choosing between the nine colors in which the Fox is available. Players who register for the game enter a draw and can win a Fox. The agency behind the idea is Lowe. [News via Persoenlich]

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Volkswagen and the 100 Million Mission

on May 30, 2005 by Martina Comments

Volkswagen is celebrating the production of its car number 100 Million with an online game named 100 Million Mission. On the company’s portal Internet users and fans of the Beetle can play in five languages, competing in the production of the next 100 million vehicles. Their skill, speed and knowledge of cars are put to the test. All players that register for the game automatically will take part to a draw which will assign a Golf worth 20.000 Euros. I tried to play, but it’s too difficult for me… you know, I’m just a woman The 100 Million Mission game is available also on mobile phones: just send a text message with the word VWGAME to the number +49 173 51 000 82 and download it.

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Golf’s birthday celebrated online

on January 29, 2004 by Martina Comments

Volkswagen Golf 30th birthday will be celebrated online, with an advertising campaign and a competition on a micro-site developed by Tribal DDB. The marketing initiative is explained and detailed on Revolution Magazine. There will be ads displayed on mayor UK websites, as well as a targeted email communication to spread the word of mouth about the competition (

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