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Adidas, wanna play?

April 4, 2006 at 9:47 by Martina Comments

About two months before the kick off in Germany, football ads start inundating our TVs. I love this new ad by Adidas (done by 180 Amsterdam, I suppose) which really transmits joy and passion for playing.

And it’s also shot in Amsterdam, my favourite city in the world. Of course after my hometown, Trieste ;-)

Below there is another good ad. I like the direction, which reminds me of Japanese cartoons in the ’80 where everything was happening slow motion, with characters who stopped thinking for hours while the game was on.

5 Responses to Adidas, wanna play?

  1. Joris says:

    I thought the first commercial was made for Euro 2000, which was held in the Netherlands. Nevertheless a nice ad!

  2. Caspar says:

    This is not a new ad, but an old one for Euro 2000 (look at Beckham’s hair ;) )…

  3. roland says:

    Now I know why Beckham has different hair cuts all the time – so we can differentiate the football tournaments!
    I also like the “matrix”-Stlye of the second one!

  4. David Wen says:

    The new adidas World Cup campaign spots can be found at
    That 2nd spot is very cool!

  5. Saren says:

    I always loved 180′s work. A real hotshop especially when you comapre them with some of the more overhyped, yet not as productive shops. What’s the deal with them and chiat on adidas? Are they partnered or something?

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