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Paper Critters

on August 16, 2007 by Mark Comments

This site is mad and so cool – but I have no idea why it was built and how any money will be made. I have seen and done a hundred “build your own avatar” sites but this somehow is so much cooler than anything I have seen. The interaction and design allowance is greater than ever. Once I made my dude I was unhappy to see that the community/colony was very thin (I’m sure this will grow). Anyway it’s a nice turn on avatar-type builder sites and a whole lot of fun.

Heeeeers Stella!

on August 9, 2007 by Mark Comments

I’m happy to say that we had a great last weekend in Brisbane Australia recreating the famous bar scene from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ and invited passers-by in for a drink, to promote Stella Screen’s airing of the classic horror film . The brief was to create an innovative brand experience for the screening of a classic film and to maintain Stella Artois Screen’s global strategy, “fanatical about film”. Groups of passers by were invited into the depths of The Stella Artois Gold Room by pale strangers dressed in coat and tails. Guests then were confronted by the lone bartender, Lloyd, to inject the right amount of unease into guests. The visitors were then directed to another room located down a dark corridor. On entering room 237, another stranger would ask them to write their details in the guest register. The Brisbane locals that didn’t run out screaming left the bar with a mysterious invitation and code to enter a website – Using their code, they could access the guest register on the website and confirm their booking details. The ticket was then emailed to them. Interactive CD was Jonathan Mo. It was so much fun!

CEO Survivor?

on August 8, 2007 by Mark Comments

Draftfcb in Sydney have just soft-launched an online business simulator for Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) to attract the best business minds to their MBA programme. Run a company and get advice from real-life CEO’s. The site itself is not all that dynamic – in fact a little too old school in design – but it has some really nice elements as well. You have to sign-up to “play” which is a shame. It does a good job of showing real life issues and having real CEO’s helping you make decisions is kinda cool. It doesn’t deter from the actual reason for the site – reel in potential students. It’s worth a look.

Vaio Life Remixer

on August 7, 2007 by Mark Comments

Sony has launched a new site to showcase its Vaio range of laptops. Quiet an odd site for showcasing laptops but I like it. Remix Your Life is the campaign title and it’s all about matching your personality to the right laptop. Once you have checked out the three vids already on the site you can then hook up your webcam and microphone and create your own. Now this is cool, but I hate to imagine how many people who want to experience this site but can’t as they don’t have a webcam or microphone – therefore annoying them rather than selling them on the products and brand. It reminds me a little of the Lynx Blow campaign where users needed to blow into a microphone. I guess this site will serve many people well – and piss-off just as many others. *UPDATE* Thanks Andy! His note is below: I know we all borrow from time to time, but they really should have nodded to Lasse Gjertsen Check This and This And check out his my space with move videos What do you think?

Green Tea Partay

on August 2, 2007 by Mark Comments

With millions of views for Smirnoff’s Tea Partay video, it was just waiting for the sequel. Well, here it is. This time it’s the West Coast response on the East coast ‘rappers’.

Sony Television

on August 2, 2007 by Mark Comments

Sony Television has a pretty slick full-flash site. I am unsure of its launch date, however it’s basic essence is to showcase the TV shows they produce – which it does quiet nicely. The nav interface is predictably a movie/tv studio lot which gives you a sense that you are somehow special and “inside the studio”. Apart from the very slick graphics produced by the cool dudes at Red Interactive the content is a little slim. I did enjoy my journey through this site but I’m unsure if I’ll go back – purely because I saw the lot in one go.

Junior Social Networking

on July 25, 2007 by Mark Comments

Via Brandrepublic – Puffin, the Penguin Books imprint, and the WWF are the first partners to sign up for a new interactive online world aimed at 6-11-year-olds. WebbliWorld, launched this week, is a joint venture by Wallace and Gromit creator Aardman Animations and Enable Interactive, who designed and developed the site based on research into how children consume digital. Enable found that although younger children may access the web with assistance, they experience it as individuals. The older, pre-Bebo crowd is more likely to follow teenage trends and socialise online. I disagree – the site is really confusing and totally hard to find stuff (loads of colours to target kids is a myth – keep it simple like we as adults like it). My (young) kids spent 20 seconds on it, clicked two things then exited, and then went straight back to their prefered comfort zones for kiddie games. It’s hard to get the young kids involved in your brand but at least make it really usable as a starting point.

Viva Viagra

on July 25, 2007 by Mark Comments

I lost count on the numerous V I A G R A mails I received. Based on that you would think that advertising for this product is no longer necessary. But for official producer Pfizer it apparently still is. This is their new commercial that, surprisingly enough, has no women involved. Just a bunch of 40-year old guys that sing out their love for the wonder pills.

Mentos + Carlsberg

on July 18, 2007 by Mark Comments

Here we go again with another “Oh my god, did that really happen?!” online commercial. This time it’s Carlsberg that jumps on the (a bit outdated) Mentos+Coke hype. They created a very simple but cool spoof on the successful videos. See for yourself what happens if you combine Mentos and Carlsberg. Via

Love and Hate Relationship

on July 16, 2007 by Mark Comments

This site is soooo cool but so hard to love. It’s for the X Games. The graphics and use of video and design are so lovely but the navigation is absolutely the worst. I really like what they do with the design when it expands and reveals such cool graphics but I really got annoyed while trying to nav between the sections at the upper level. Maybe my eyes are bad… what do you all think? Have a look.

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