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Viral. Like no other.

on October 17, 2006 by Mark Comments

After many video and photo previews, the new Sony Bravia ad finally arrived this morning. It’s big, it’s spectacular, it’s impressive, but it’s not as groundbreaking as the Bravia bouncy balls commercial. A bit less friendly and spontanious, or am I wrong? Anyway, I’m pretty sure that this commercial again will generate millions of online views for practically nothing. Viral. Like no other.

Heineken Skypecast

on September 8, 2006 by Mark Comments

We were just part of something refreshingly new. Heineken Netherlands hosted a live concert through Skype, using the new feature Skypecast. This feature makes it possible to talk online with 100 people at the same time. Dutch band Johan played some songs of their new album and listeners were able to ask questions and applaud from behind their own computer. And so did we! Even though the quality was not that great, the first concert through Skype idea made up for that. Listen to the Heineken Skypecast. A video is about to follow.

Bloggers for Tibet Day

on July 6, 2006 by Mark Comments

For over 50 years now, Tibetans are desperately trying to get international attention for the humiliating situation of Tibet and Tibetans. In their latest attempt, inspired by the successful Make Poverty History case, Friends of Tibet call upon bloggers worldwide to write about Tibet-related issues. Today – also celebrated as the Dalai Lama’s birthday – is declared as Bloggers for World Tibet Day, aimed to create a momentum for freedom of Tibet as never before.

Coke’s Happiness Factory

on June 30, 2006 by Mark Comments

Awesome commercial for Coca Cola, that takes an imaginative journey inside a Coke machine. The spot is part of their latest campaign: The Coke Side of Life. Psyop designed and animated the spot.

Calucci, the game

on June 22, 2006 by Mark Comments

Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea runs an interesting ‘game commercial’. The accompanying TV commercial tells the story of Mr van den Berg, who’s in a witness protection program. As soon as he arrives in his new house, the mayor of Omerta Falls introduces him, in front of national television, as resident nr. 100.000. The online game starts at point the doorbell rings. Mission: avoid this mayor and get out of the house unseen.

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Dutch Online Film Festival

on June 2, 2006 by Mark Comments

The Dutch Online Film Festival is a new virtual festival in Holland. People can send in their short movies which will be shown on the website. Visitors will then choose the winners in several categories. Remarkable about the initiative is the promotion. Agency Pool created Pomme and Kelly (Google Idol winners) spin-offs with two upcoming Dutch actresses – Katja and Bracha. And they sure know how to act

Hollands Secret Weapon

on May 23, 2006 by Mark Comments

During the European Championship Football in 2004, the loudspeaker hat from Heineken Netherlands got banned from Portuguese stadiums due to sponsor issues. That’s the reason they now, for the upcoming World Cup in Germany, introduced a new premium: Hollands Secret Weapon. A gentle looking German hunter’s head, but one that can be easily converted into a loudspeaker. For the introduction of the new hat, Heineken started an extensive underground campaign…

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Dutch SpinAwards announced

on April 15, 2006 by Mark Comments

In The Netherlands, the SpinAwards 2005 (aka interactive marketing awards) are announced. Thirteen winners in nine categories received either a golden or silver Spin. Interactive agencies Lost Boys and Media Republic both collected two awards, while Euro RSCG 4D received an award for best agency. Heineken Netherlands got awarded for best interactive advertiser. Below you’ll find the total list of cases and winners.

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Wet T-Shirt contest

on April 11, 2006 by Mark Comments

Morningwood, an American retro/punk/new wave/garage band, found a whole new (and great) way of promoting their new single. They launched a Wet T-Shirt Contest advergame that definitely attracts many men (including me). It takes some time to load, but it’s worth waiting for..

Heineken meets Google (again)

on March 30, 2006 by Mark Comments

Heineken Netherlands once again hooks up with Google to promote their new product Tapvat (Draught Keg). This time Google Maps is integrated in the Tapvat World Tour 2006 campaign. Visitors are challenged to search the world for gigs from Dutch live band Voicst using satellite maps. A radio signal leads them to the right spot. In 2005 Heineken also coorporated with Google for the introduction of Tapvat. In that campaign – Tapvat on Tour – Google Image Search was integrated as a personalized postcard generator, challenging visitors to find the most original destination to take along their Tapvat. Since this a campaign from my own agency Qi (I really had to share this one, sorry), I left my opinion behind. But I’m curious what you think..

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