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TED goes back to the future

on March 16, 2012 by Bridget Comments

Nice viral marketing for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel.  I’m not a big sci-fi fan but I find it interesting that TED has become uber-mainstream and can now be used as a viral teaser for a blockbuster film.

You can read the full post here but screen writer Damon Lindelof thought it would be incredibly cool to have one of the characters from the film give a TEDTalk from the future. Read more…

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Axe, let the game continue

on May 11, 2007 by Martina Comments

Axe is online with a new branded entertainment work: Let the game continue. It’s an online movie, sticky, sexy and ironic as we expect Axe to be. Btw, it’s so funny to see how men cannot resist, even in the worst conditions, to beautiful women

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Lynx Towelboy stars on Myspace

on September 24, 2006 by Martina Comments

I’m back from the holidays… (sigh!) and Lynx has become the first UK advertiser to launch a ‘branded community’ on MySpace (there is no connection between the two things, I just needed an incipit after 2 weeks off As reported on New Media Age (reg. req), Towelboy is a semi-naked superstar who stars in the latest Lynx’ tv spot. Towelboys’ homepage on Myspace works as a gateway to, and therefore looks pretty basic a part from a very simple advergame integrated in the page. On the other side, Lynxboost is actually much more interesting and entertaining.

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BMW launches branded audiobooks

on February 7, 2006 by Martina Comments

Remember when BMW said it was giving up its efforts on branded content? Well, maybe they were lying since they just launched a series of audio book podcasts… Leading authors at the publisher Random House have written 45-minute audio books, each one featuring a different BMW car. The audio books are available for free at The first podcast is Don Winslow’s The Beautiful Ride.

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Sprite: spray it, don’t say it

on November 8, 2005 by Martina Comments

Together with MSN, Sprite has launched a branded entertainment website. The site targets teens and challenges them creating a graffiti design using pre-designed stencils and backgrounds. Graffiti can designed in 25 different locations and can voted by other users. The Refreshing Wall also offers a downloadable screensaver that displays, in real time, the newest graffiti designs that users of the site are creating. The Refreshing Wall is the second part of a co-marketing initiative online since April with a music site dubbed “The Scenario,” which featured Sprite’s character Miles Thirst. Mediapost reports the news and the opinion of Gayle Troberman, MSN’s head of branded entertainment:

Experiences on the Web -they can’t be passive-they need to be active, particularly when you’re looking at the teen audience. That’s very much at the heart of what the Wall is.”

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BMW pulls out of branded entertainment

on October 4, 2005 by Martina Comments

This is one of those news that can really change the life of an agency: BMW has decided to end its branded entertainment strategy. They have been the pioneers in the sector, with the online short-film The Hire, starting a new era for online marketing. Now AdAge reports BMW decided branded entertainment was getting too expensive, but their shift can’t only be blamed on money. They declined to comment, but probably the change is also due to the fact they are still looking for a new advertising agency to handle its US account. What will happen now? Will other brands follow their move? How many agencies will have to change their business approach?

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A mobile advergame for Range Rover

on August 5, 2005 by Martina Comments

In the UK, Land Rover is promoting its new Range Rover Sport Tourer with a mobile game created by Blue Sphere Games. The game takes drivers to some of the world’s most famous landmarks such as Mount Rushmore, the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China. The challenge is not only to drive through as fast as you can, but also to take pictures of the landmark you’re visiting during the driving stage. Quoted on Digital Bulletin, Land Rover said that the game is the first of many planned for future Land Rover and Range Rover models.

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