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Coke runs “hypertagged” outdoor campaign

on July 4, 2005 by Martina Comments

Coca-Cola is targeting the youth segment in Australia with an outdoor advertising campaign using the “hypertag” technology. The ads promoting Coke with Lime allow teenagers (ehm… anyone…) walking in the streets of Sydney to download ringtones and pictures to their mobile phones from the billboard using Bluetooth or infrared. The agency behind this campaign is Singleton Ogilvy & Mather.

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The perfect Coke

on June 14, 2005 by Martina Comments

Springer&Jacoby (Hamburg) for Coca-Cola Light.

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Coca-Cola: mobile marketing the old way

on June 9, 2005 by Martina Comments

Do you remember the times when “mobile marketing” used to mean getting around with a sponsored car, drive from one city to another to present a product and maybe give away samples? Well, Coca-Cola is back on the streets again, visiting the principal Hispanic markets across the US with the Limobiles, to promote the new Coca-Cola with Lime. Hispanic Ad reports the Limobiles are a sort of “fiesta-on-wheels, complete with DJs and dancers to recreate the effervescent ambiance of the TV commercial promoting Coca-Cola with Lime with the slogan “Guess what it tastes like“.

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Coke explores the blog idea

on June 7, 2005 by Martina Comments

First I have to tell I’m not payed from Coca-Cola to post so much about them (I wish I was! then I go on telling you about their new initiative in Brazil… Agenciaclick, one of the best interactive agencies in the world, is behind the Coca-Cola Vibezone online. The site is really cool, with excellent graphics and animations (but I misssss the music!), however the nicest thing about the initiative is that it includes a dedicated Vibezone blog and an online community on Orkut. The blog idea is good but apparently it isn’t proving very successful. The stats on the homepage indicate that only 2415 people have visited the site until now… It’s an old online marketing lesson:don’t show the numbers! If they’re high people won’t trust you, if they’re low visitors will think you’re a low quality site.

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Coca-Cola’s Summer Battle

on June 5, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Spain Coca-Cola has launched the multiplayer advergame “Summer Battle” to support its online marketing effort through the official site The Summer Battle has been created by BetyByte, I didn’t test it because you need to download it and install it. Of course it doesn’t work with Mac. A part from the fact it doesn’t support Apple, which isn’t actually a big problem, I’m not sure that requiring people to download and install the game is a smart move. Of course this gives you the chance to great a better game but, at the same time, I believe you loose several potential users that don’t want to waste time installing it or fear the installation could bring problems to the computer.

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iCoke, attempts of interactive youth marketing

on May 22, 2005 by Martina Comments

New Media Age reports this week Coca-Cola is getting ready for the global launch of iCoke, an highly interactive youth marketing program. The initiative has already debuted in China and Canada and should be supported by on-pack promotions to drive traffic online. iCoke Canada is basically a loyalty marketing initiative which invites young users to collect points in order to gain prizes. The Canadian website features a competition which instantly gives away a Sony LCD Tv by inserting the PIN code found on the can. There is also a co-marketing section, the “Games Lounge” together with Sony Playstation. The “Download” area will offer mobile content such as wallpapers and ringtones but it’s not active yet… It has a sad “coming soon” message which is one of the best move you can do to disappoint your audience.

Read more…

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Nordic Christmas for Coke

on December 14, 2004 by Martina Comments

Swedish agency Perfect Fools has created the Coca-Cola Christmas Tournament 2004. Running in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway the competition features three advergames (Castle Climb, Triple Trouble and Knight Flight) and allows users to win an mp3 player. The initiative is supported also by an online advertising campaign.

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C2: low calories, high interactivity

on June 22, 2004 by Martina Comments

Coca-Cola has started last week the promotion of its low-calorie, low-carbohydrate drink C2. Online advertising plays an important role in the marketing effort with several interactive units appearing on Yahoo! and MSN (streaming audio, sweepstakes and homepage takeovers). Read more on AdWeek.

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Coca-Cola and the Web: love’s in the air

on December 13, 2003 by Martina Comments

Coca-Cola is taking the heavily investing in Web communication, proving the media potentials when the goal is branding. The multi-national corporation has recently announced that in January it will launch in the UK an Internet music download service (, which will offer more than 250,000 songs (Revolution reports). At the same time, in Spain, Coke has presented �La Tienda Coca-Cola�, an online shop selling gadgets and merchandising, giving to charity the revenue (read more about it in Spanish on Marketing Directo). The shop is reachable by passing through the corporate Web site, and this fact highlights Coca-Cola�s intention to get people to know the Company better. On the other side, the online music download service is a clear example of Coke�s trying to build a relationship with young surfers, since the Company is not expecting to make a profit from the service. I believe we could easily adapt Pepsi�s tagline like this: Coca-Cola: the music for the new generation.

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Coca Cola ‘Decibel Central’ promotion

on October 28, 2003 by Martina Comments

Mobliss has brought two-way wireless text messaging to’s Fall 2003 under-the-cap “Decibel Central” promotion. As explained in the press release, Mobliss new technology allows Coca-Cola consumers in the U.S. to redeem cap codes from 20-oz. bottles via Short Message Service (SMS) enabled mobile phones. Participants can enter cap codes using their mobile phones to accrue points, or ‘Decibels,’ in their Decibel Central account on entering for chances to win one of thousands of prizes. Rouben Haroutoonian, Vice President of Sales and Client Services for Mobliss says:

“This innovation allows the consumer to communicate instantaneously with the brand directly from the point of sale. While drinking their Cokes, consumers can immediately participate in the program by redeeming cap codes on-the-go via their mobile phones, with no need to save bottle-caps.”

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