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Run Cactus Kid, Run by Oasis

on September 12, 2008 by Laurent Comments

Strange, astonishing, rich, complete, surrounding, big. Here are the few adjectives I would use to describe the “run Cactus kid, run” campaign by Oasis (the fruity drink not the band …).

I let you read its Wikipedia page, the mechanism of the campaign is fully described. You will see how many digital leverages have been activated, with no less than 8 different personal sites (myspace, flickr, youtube included).

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Ocho reclutas by Rexona for Men

on September 11, 2008 by Laurent Comments

In Mexico, our friends at Grupo W made a qualitative and original website for Unilever’s brand Rexona (aka Sure).

To promote its Sportfan range, the brand invites you to compete through a series of different games. You’d better perfectly know Mexican football for one of them, if not you can still enjoy the freekick game as I did!

The 8 best players will be selected, and will have the chance to follow the Mexican national football team on its way to the next World Cup. That means 4 qualification games and then 4 games in South Africa. That is in the case of the team getting qualified, if not, winners will have to find consolation with friendly games… (Rexona is an official sponsor of the team).

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Foot Locker Evolve (Nike Tuned 10)

on September 10, 2008 by Laurent Comments

Footlocker has launched a very nice website to promote its exclusive Nike model, the Tuned 10.

It must be pleasant for a highly reputed brand like Nike to know it can rely on its distributors to maintain its high standards of creativity. The ergonomy, navigation, animations, content, graphism benefit from a very good execution. The site cleverly exploits the shape and colours of the product. You can experience the shoes assets through simple but modern casual advergames. A little bit abstract you might say … but this why the integration is well executed.

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Kit Kat Chunga

on September 9, 2008 by Laurent Comments

Laaaaadies & gentlemen, please welcome from Australia, the king of Chunga: Hans Fagerlund!

Ok… What is Chunga? : an eatable and sugared version of Jenga a classic ability game, where you need to remove then stack blocks from a tower without ruining everything. And who is Hans? Hans is the undefeated legend of Chunga of course… Both are born from JWT Sydney and RMG Connect imagination to promote online the launch of a new Kit Kat : Cookies & Cream. The site sticks to the product promise, it’s very rich! You will find many more videos on Youtube, a blog, facebook, myspace, msn contents, goodies, podcasts etc … and an advergame which is part of a contest.

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Samsung Omnia : out of the box

on August 28, 2008 by Laurent Comments

Clever job by Samsung which uses good recipes of a successful viral campaign for its last phone, the Omnia.

Surely the South Korean company has the means to produce a fake video with SFX. And it makes it well. But the context of the video and its scenario catalyze its potential. It plays with one of its community meme: the unboxing video.

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AdiDiesel: 83 time wasters

on March 9, 2008 by Laurent Comments

After Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto, Adidas signed a new agreement with another big name in fashion: Diesel. For now it regards the Originals collection, and it’s going to last four years. With such iconic lifestyle brands connecting expectations are definitely high, for the product and for the communication around it.

Of course there is a dedicated site to look at… suggests 83 original ways to successfully waste your time, and you are invited to participate by uploading your pictures and videos, to testify on each one.

Let’s go straight to the point: the site is beautiful, the pictures to illustrate the suggestions are great and are a good mix of Diesel and Originals universes, the layout is clean, ergonomy ok if you have a big screen, but …it took me ages to access to it, waiting for the 83 sections to upload!

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BBC version 2.0

on February 29, 2008 by Laurent Comments

The new BBC website is now online and is worth a visit. It has been designed like a netvibes or an iGoogle. You can cutomize the homepage: change its colour or the font, choose the topics you are interested into, edit them, and move them around with a click & drag action.

It is interesting to see how this media institution tries to keep itself up to date, and manage to go through the ages.

The homepage is easy to use. But the biggest challenge was probably not to be graphically boring and sad, as that kind of platforms can end up being. And if the layout is inevitably very structured and strict the design is not too bad after all, and you hope the other old school BBC sections will soon be inspired for their design!

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