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Forget Pacman, now it’s Pakman!

on November 24, 2005 by Martina Comments

In The Netherlands, the new agency !Achtung, has developed “Pakman“, an advergame for Suitsupply, an unconventional manufacturer and retailer of (business) suits. In Dutch PAK means SUIT hence the name of the game. It’s a funny revisited version of the traditional Pacman game: Pakman is running in his underwear, his mission is to save Angel from Fatman. When eating the magic pills, Pakman gets superpower from his suit and is able to kick Fatman’s ass! Rescuing Angel in each level gives you a voucher for a tie, a shirt or a complete free suit. Traffic to the game is generated from Suitsupply website, a newsletter to all subscribers, banners and of course send-a-friend.

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Take the babes to the limit…

on November 10, 2005 by Martina Comments

Motorcycle insurance company Bennetts is online with a racing advergame to drive brand awareness and generate sales. The game, challenging players to “takes the babes to the limit” has been developed by Dig For Fire. Red Line Racer is rather funny to play, but I’m sure a lot of men will find the website worth a visit rather because of beautiful girls that “decorate” it. Marketing Direct reports that in a month more than 165,000 people have played it over four million times.

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Viral marketing drives videogame sales

on November 1, 2005 by Martina Comments

My friends at eRoi did a good job for Konami to promote their first videogame for Sony PSP. The Death Jr. advergame generated over than 1.5 million unique visitors in its first month online, getting traffic most of all through word-of-mouth (65% of which were via influencer and peer-level word-of-mouth, according to eROI tracking statistics). A month-and-a-half after hitting shelves, Death Jr. sales are exceeding projections by 135%.

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Mentos Sheep Volley

on October 26, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Germany Mentos is online with a funny advergame: the Sheep Volley! You can play & train or play to win, and in this case you need to register. You can also choose to challenge a friend, sharing the same keyboard.

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Blaupunkt: advergame and viral video on

on October 24, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Italy Blaupunkt is running an online campaign through MTV’s Internet and mobile sites. The campaign takes advantage of the popular Bunny&Benny characters, who proved incredibly successful in the viral video released early this year. Users can download the video directly from MTV (it also available through the Wap site) and gather information on Blaupunkt’s products. On Blaupunkt is online also with an advergame that allows people to win a car audio system per week. Unfortunately they didn’t put much effort in creating a nice concept for this game. It’s just a racing game with no connection to Bunny&Benny. With a few more creative thinking (and probably with more budget) they could have “exploited” the viral characters also in the game generating more buzz around this campaign.

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Visa Olympic advergame keeps Mac users out

on October 10, 2005 by Martina Comments

Do you know the Hard Rock Café motto “Love all, serve all”? I think any interactive agency should always keep it in mind. Even if we (Mac users) represent just a tiny 4-5 percent of the online population, you need to keep in mind we are very likely to be influentials and early adopters. This said, here comes my question: why did Wild Tangent develop an advergame for Visa which only works with Internet Explorer and kicks out Safari and/or Firefox (Mac) users? It’s the Torino 2006 Olympics advergame, and in the Olympic spirit it should allow everybody in! If you’re a curious PC user, here’s the link to the game. If you’re a Mac user, just look at the screenshots.

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The water drop advergame

on October 10, 2005 by Martina Comments

It took six months to develop it, but it’s really worth playing. The water drop advergame has been created by Polish agency Max Weber for Sanitec Kolo, to promote a special sanitary surface called Reflex. The core idea was to build an interactive droplet acting and looking like a real one in real Reflex Kolo environment. The game is also in English, but at the moment you need a password to enter (you can get it online). I’m not sure I can give you mine, I don’t want to spoil the viral campaign This advergame recently won the Silver Drum at the Golden Drum 2005 Festival (“Beyond the banner advertising”).

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The first World Cup advergame

on September 22, 2005 by Martina Comments

With less than a year to the World Cup in Germany, Inbox Digital has launched a lovely advergame to promote the videogame Sensible Soccer. It’s the Sensible Soccer Kick Up World Cup, and it’s really cool: you can pick your own country and play by yourself, or you can setup a league and challenge your friends. The game itself is simple, but engaging and of course I like it also because it reminds of the first versions of Sensible Soccer I used to play for hours against my brother

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The Easycruise advergame

on September 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

Advergames’ specialist Korb has just created an online challenge for EasyCruise, the new cheap cruising service launched by Stelios. The game tests your skills in docking a ship. Don’t expect anything special, actually I doubt people in the Easy target audience will actually give it a try for more than five minutes…

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Virgin Express: pee & win campaign

on September 14, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Germany, Virgin Express is online with a “pee & win” advergame to promote its new Berlin-Brussel route. The game is inspired to the popular Belgian “Mannekin Pis”, and challenges players to do their best to hit a fly and win a 50 percent discount on their plane ticket. The campaign also takes advantage of outdoor advertising. There is an incredibly long billboard in Berlin with the world’s longest advertising headline repeating the core message (destination and price) over and over again. See the pictures here. The campaign was created by the Belgian Duval Guillaume Antwerp (offline) and Duval Guillaume E (online).

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