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The Ariel Fashion Shoot

on September 13, 2011 by Martina Comments

Aim, stain, win. Three words to define this amusing interactive ambient campaign by Ariel, not exactly the coolest brand on earth, but surely among the uncool brands that do a great work with unconventional marketing ideas to attract consumers’ attention. This campaign comes from Sweden and was executed in downtown Stockholm at the Central train station just a few weeks ago. The idea is pretty cool, it’s an advergame with targets & effects in the real world.

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Can you save the world? Bring it on!

on August 23, 2011 by Martina Comments

French railway service SNCF, has just launched a brilliant online campaign to promote its sponsorship of the American Film Festival in Deauville as well as its train service that connects Paris to the beautiful village in Normandy. It’s like a disaster movie. With the climax, the hero who looks like Bruce Willis, the embarrassed/embarrassing military and a mission to accomplish. Watch the trailer and give it a try. Can you save the world?

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Youtube interactive 3D holophonic sound based advergame

on June 17, 2011 by Martina Comments

Interactivity on Youtube taken to a new level thanks to 3D holophonic sound. In France, INPES (National institute for prevention and education about risks hearing) is now online with an interactive film on Youtube based on innovative technology: 3D holophonic sound which allows the listener notably to perceive sounds as they are in reality, and to know whether they are coming from the left or the right, from in front or behind.

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Facebook Who is Who. Do you really know your friends?

on June 8, 2011 by Martina Comments

Microsoft is trying to keep Messenger alive by connecting it to Facebook (basically now you can chat with your Facebook friends directly through Messenger). To get the message out in Sweden JMW Kommunikation came up with a pretty good idea: a Who is Who game that challenges people to find out whether or not they really know all their Facebook friends. Read more…

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Axe in the Dark

on September 6, 2009 by Martina Comments

In Japan Axe is back with a new weird but cool campaign. Axe in the Dark is an amusing advergame inspired to horror movies full of monsters and with one hero who will (or could) rescue the girl. Everything takes place in a dark cinema hall: the player moves around with the keyboard, trying to avoid to meet the monster and, at the same time, looking for or, better, smelling for the hero who will save her. Make sure to use the hearphones to play.

Once again Axe manages to surprise us. For sure they don’t lack in originality!!

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The Honda Eco (and cheesy) Grand Prix

on August 10, 2009 by Martina Comments

At first sight you would say it is just another racing game. Make sure not to skip the intro, and you will change your mind. Honda Formula E is an advergame launched in Japan to teach people how to drive with an eco-friendly attitude.

In the game you don’t have to use the steering-wheel, but just the brake and accelerator to find the ideal speed to drive in the city, saving gasoline, and therefore saving the planet.

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on June 8, 2009 by Mark Comments

If you want to destroy Tokyo then you should try this game developed by the smart guys from Poke London called RubberDuckZilla. Taking as starting point this Mother‘s TV ad for Oasis (a drink for people who don’t like water)…

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The smallest advergame ever

on February 19, 2009 by Martina Comments

German agency Jung von Matt has joined forces with French web developer Mathieu ‘P01′ HENRI to produce the smallest advergame ever. It sits in 16*16 pixels or, better, in a favicon. The progject has been conceived to promote a very small car: the Smart fortwo.

As you can see from the video, banners have been placed on automotive sites to invite people to play. The idea is fun and definitely very creative even if I’m not sure how many people visiting those websites have really appreciated it. Would be interesting to know not only the buzz the advergame will be able to create in the blogosphere, but also the numbers in terms of clickthrough (for example) it generate. via The Ispiration Room

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Experience a Volvo truck

on January 21, 2009 by Martina Comments

This is an advergame for the boys out there who always dreamt of driving a truck (at least for a day). The Swedish developers at Muskedunder Interactive have created a game for Volvo Trucks to experience the challenges of driving a truck.

The game is very nicely developed (although the game screen is way to small) and has a good mix of realism and playability, which explains why it has been played over 40000 times in less than 4 days.

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Let’s currrl

on December 9, 2008 by Martina Comments

What happens when a TV show meets a sport like curling? Easily find the answer checking out this amusing advergame launched in Canada by CBC.

Choose your player among the cast of “little mosque on the prairie” and have fun playing by yourself or against a friend. The game is very well developed and difficult enough to waste at least ten minutes of your working day

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